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Your Wedding at Loch Lomond are absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted for an ‘Incredible Wedding Supplier’ award within the category of ‘Most Supportive Wedding Supplier’.

Many thanks to all who nominated us. In order to become a finalist, we require you to keep voting for us, and you can do so here: http://www.icethecake.co.uk/Awards/supportive/semifinalistsupportive1


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Today we heard we had won a GOLD Wedding Website award from www.wedawards.co.uk

To some people, it might not seem like much, especially as its not a physical award and there was no award ceremony with fancy dresses, cocktails and polite clapping whilst inside you’re┬ájealously┬áthinking “biatch!”


The reason why I’m blogging about this award and why I feel really pleased, is because our website was created and designed by ourselves. We’ve spent ages on it, trying to get it to look right etc and recently we were wondering whether we SHOULD pay someone to create us a fancier website.

This award tells us we dont need to. It further demonstrates that you dont need to spend a lot of money to be a success. We’ve had lots of enquires about advertising simply by using social media and our website. Our suppliers are certainly very happy with their raised profiles and number of enquiries as a result.

Our website still isnt perfect, we acknowledge that. There are some images that need to be ‘fixed’ but we’re working on it.

We’ve found out all about SEO etc by using Google and by asking all the SEO experts, website designers we know and getting free advice in return for promoting them etc.

In business, including the wedding industry, a “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” attitude definitely helps!

Here are some of the comments we got from Ramsey when issuing us with our award:

It’s the simple ones that do better than the fancy ones in most cases! I build sites, I market them, I market clients all around the world and trust me the most basic sites are far far more google friendly.

The fact that you are offering free advertising too that means none of your advertisers can expect or demand anything fancier too so I think you went down the right route.

I have turned down some flashy wedding websites for an award in the past as I found them too confusing.

You are a credit to the wedding industry

You can read some more of Ramsey’s comments/thoughts in his reply to our blog post on the results of “what advertising works for your business?”


Free to use, Free to advertise with – forever

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