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A Blue Themed Wedding


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If you are planning a wedding in Scotland and/or are hoping to have a Scottish theme throughout your wedding, perhaps our latest collage will help inspire you!


Dream Day Flowers
Totally Tartan Kiltmakers
Caledonian Piper
Beautifully Wrapped
CIA Photography
Duck Bay Hotel & Marina
The Shepherd’s House B&B
Carrs Loch Lomond
Dub Stitch
Your Wedding Consultant

Loch Lomond’s FREE wedding directory

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Hopefully this collage will provide you with some ideas if you are thinking of a PINK themed wedding. When visiting any of the websites, and placing an order, dont forget to mention you found their details here!


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In the final days of our wedding planning we totted everything up and it turned out we’d underspent (if you can call it that). This meant we had a little bit of money in the budget to do something really special for our guests. We wanted to give something back to them to thank them for coming.

After going to a few weddings ourselves that year, and having a few bad heads in the morning we thought a kind of Hangover Cure might be a cool idea to give to everyone as they left. So we took the design from our tea towel
invite, made our whale look a bit sad, and sent that to the bag printers. Then it was off to Costco to fill them with goodies.

We bought lots of as many bottles of water, sweets, chocolate, packs of chewing gum, breakfast bars and crisps as we could afford and spent an evening stuffing the bags!

They were very popular, and everyone took one, and the bags themselves crop up all the time. We’re often visiting friends and we can see it still in use. It’s nice to think people are getting some genuine use out of them, it makes it feel like a good investment.

Now all this goodness is available to our clients, check out the new part to our site – www.canvaslovebags.co.uk – And remember if you buy your Tea Towels and add a bags order on top, you get the artwork for the bag at half
price, which is a big saving.



Join us on Facebook to find out about new designs first! –

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Lots of brides to be have a theme for their wedding – whether it be ‘Scotland’ with lots of tartan, thistles, a ceilidh etc, or like a recent one where the theme was ‘Christmas’ and the bridesmaids wore different colours, like christmas baubles.

One theme I want to discuss is a Literature Theme. A lovely bride to be, Emma, contacted me for help with planning a wedding around this theme. I was more than happy to recommend suppliers and offer some ideas as I adore literature, especially the classics. If you are like Emma and I, then how can you incorporate this love of literature into your big day? 

Perhaps we could start by looking at your Location. Depending on your favourite novel, you could have your wedding in a castle or a stately home. Here in Loch Lomond, we have Ross Priory, where Sir Walter Scott often stayed and indeed you could even stay in the room named after him.

Colour scheme. Colours for a liteature theme, especially if you are looking at Victorian times or earlier, should be rich and strong, draw inspiration from jewels – ruby red, emerald green, amber, topaz. Think of textures – tapestries, velvet, hessian and heavy silks. 

Table names. Think of all the famous literature couples you know and perhaps name your tables after them. You’ve got Romeo and Juliet (obviously), Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett, Heathcliff and Cathy and maybe Jekyll and Hyde (but thats not romantic is it…?)

For centrepieces, why not have a stack of books tied with some ribbon? I think this would be most effective if the books were old hardbacks. To save on costs, you could ask your local library if they could help out, you’d be surprised! 

Moving onto Favours, Karen from Beautifully Wrapped is able to put an appropriate image onto their personalised chocolate bars. They could even put a literary quote onto them. Louise from Wedding and Baby can provide bookmarks as favours. Another unique idea is to provide a book as a wedding favour. 

With regards to your stationery, Karen Gallacher from Duck Pond Crafts can provide invitations with vintage papers from books on the from. Karen can also provide a table plan with the names of books as table names (in addition to my suggestion above). She can use distressed ink and gorgeous lace. Collete Corrigan of Corrigan’s Cards provides bespoke stationery and is also able to design something amazing for you. 

Flowers – In Jane Austen’s era, brides would carry herbs, greenery, or flowers that were in season and that could be picked alongside the road or from one’s garden. They included roses, peonies, sweet peas, scabious, lilies, and delphinium. 

Lisa Scott of Dream Day Flowers told me that she could add any flowers that may be mentioned in the wording of a favourite book or that can match any theme. 

A literature themed wedding is a good excuse to have your bridal gown bespoke made. You can have attire that ties in with the period in which your favourite novel is set. 

For transportation, choose something that ties in with your theme. In most cases this will be a horse drawn carriage, but you could also have vintage cars, or maybe an Aston Martin for grooms who love the James Bond books?

For your wedding meal, choose food that would have been popular in the time your favourite novels were set. Perhaps drink and eat from vintage dinnerware? Have a look at the teacups etc from The Tea Ladies!

For music, ask your band to play some of the classic songs from that era. Perhaps for novels set in the Victorian era or earlier, you could have a harpist or string quartet such as our suppliers Pippa Reid Foster or The Pleyel Quartet?


Cake – For your cake, you could ask your cake designer to have quotes from your favourite novel inked around the cake. Or perhaps your top tier could be in the form of a book?

For gifts, I recently came across the fabulous work of More than Words Art. You could have some of your favourite literature quotes made into a fabulous canvas to hang in your home. 

Lets now look at readings. How about these below as examples from some of my favourite novels and poems (grooms may have their own suggestions!):

 “I cannot fix on the hour, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”                            Pride And Prejudice

“I love the ground under his feet, and the air over his head, and everything he touches and every word he says. I love all his looks, and all his actions and him entirely and all together.”                                                                   Wuthering Heights

“Do you love me because I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?” Cinderella

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it sight, For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night”  Romeo and Juliet  

I hope the above has helped provide you with some ideas. As always our suppliers are more than happy to discuss your needs and come up with something to suit your theme, whatever it may be.

Find our suppliers at www.yourweddingatlochlomond.co.uk

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How long have you been making jewellery?

I first started Jewellery making about 2 years ago (2008) just after my daughter was born. I came across a lovely little bead shop in Aberdeen. I was very attracted to the bright colours of the beads and the idea of making some amazing jewellery from these. I took an introductory class in Jewellery making and from then on I have been hooked!

Lottie’s Lockets was first formed in May 2009 after increased interest from friends and family over my jewellery. My business is named Lottie’s Lockets after my daughter Lottie who means everything to me and to whom I owe all my successes in life.

Lottie’s Lockets has grown from strength to strength with a large customer base and interest. We currently have over 1,300 fans on our facebook page.

In November 2009 I started teaching jewellery making classes at my local craft shop and also at my local guiding group where I am a leader. I received fantastic feedback that I now provide this service as part of Lottie’s Lockets.

What products and services can you offer brides to be, the bridal party and guests?

My Bespoke Design Service is perfect for brides who are looking for unique Jewellery made exclusively for their special day.

I work with fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals, but I am happy to work to a suggested budget.

Bespoke bridesmaids Jewellery can also be designed and customised to suit your colour scheme.

I also can make bespoke Jewellery to match guest’s wedding outfits.

In 2010 my very talented Mum (Kathryn Logue) joined Lottie’s Lockets with her gorgeous Handcrafted Cards. My mum makes lots of beautiful cards suitable for weddings.

Where can brides to be and other customers buy your products?


What made you join the YWALL team?

I love the friendly atmosphere of the website and the facebook group. The founders have become dear friends over the last couple of years and have supported me while my business grew.

YWALL has some fantastic ideas and they just keep getting better and better!

The free advertising is also a bonus 😛

What are your plans for the future?

I have held a few jewellery parties and I am considering offering these from next year, which could be of interest to brides to be planning hen parties.

I will continue to expand the business and offer classes in both jewellery and card making.

What one tip could you give to a bride to be?

Always start the ball rolling with your wedding jewellery as early in advance as you can! I recommend talking to your jewellery designer at least 6 months before your wedding; I’d also love to see a picture of the wedding dress itself so I can design it specifically to compliment your Gown 🙂

Thank you very much to Sophie for agreeing to be interviewed for our blog and we wish her every success for the future.

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Money is best as a wedding gift

A recent poll conducted by Wedding Magazine reported that forty-five per cent of couples would prefer their guests to give them money as a wedding gift.

It has become the norm for couples to live together before marriage.  As a result, most couples no longer have the need or desire to set up a gift registry with a department store in order to buy household goods such as kitchenware and bed linen.  Newlyweds are most likely to spend their money on a luxury honeymoon, home improvement or even paying back some of the cost of their wedding.

Notwithstanding the recession, couples still spend an average £14,000 on their wedding. As a result of the credit crunch, it has become much more acceptable for couples to ask for money as a wedding gift.  Traditional wedding gift etiquette suggests that guests should, as a very minimum, cover the cost of their meal when considering how much to spend on a gift.  Recent research indicates that the average amount a guest will fork out for a wedding gift is currently £78.67.  

In other countries around the world, giving money as a wedding gift is traditional.

At Hindu weddings it is traditional to give money as a wedding gift as this symbolises prosperity. The amount should be an auspicious number ending in 1, for example, £51 or £101. This money is usually placed inside an ornate, decorative money envelope which is presented to the couple at the wedding.

At Sikh weddings, there is a ceremony called the “Sagaan” that takes place after the ceremony where guests present monetary gifts to the married couple.

In China, money is given in red envelopes (hong bao) from guests who are older than the bride and groom and in Japan, new, uncreased notes are given to the couple to the tune of 30,000 yen (approximately £210) in a festive envelope (shugi-bukuro).
The “money dance” is a Hungarian tradition where the bride leaves her shoes in the centre of the dance floor and those who dance with her drop money in the shoes or pin money to her dress.  Pinning money to the bride and groom is also a popular custom in Cyprus, Greece and the Philippines.

In Poland, it is traditional for a family member of the bride to hold out an apron whilst the bride is dancing with her father. Wedding guests who throw money into the apron are then permitted to dance with the bride.

In the mid-west of the United States of America, the best man auctions the bride’s garter. The best man carries a hat around the reception and the guests put dollar bills into it. Another mid-western tradition is a “wedding reel”, where the wedding guests form a queue and pay a dollar or more to dance with the newlyweds.

Admittedly, it is quite unlikely that brides and grooms across Britain will be adopting these customs any time soon.  Whilst dropping money into shoes and pinning cash to brides sounds like fun, it isn’t exactly very British.  Fortunately, there are more sophisticated and discreet ways of receiving money as a wedding gift.  

The previous taboo surrounding asking for money as wedding gift will soon be a distant memory and given the research conducted by Wedding Magazine it looks like money is fast-becoming the most desired gift for newlyweds.

Article contributed by Gillian Bell, Director of StarWeds Ltd.
Website: http://www.starweds.co.uk
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/starweds
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/starweds
Email: contact@starweds.co.uk

Money as a wedding gift
The sophisticated way to ask for money as wedding gift.

You’ve already got all the toasters and towel bales you need. So why not use StarWeds to ask your guests for money as wedding gift?

We provide:

• A personalised wedding website where your guests can contribute money:
– Choice of themes
– Personalised web address
– Online guest book
– Your own blog
– Directions to your venue
– Countdown timer
– And much more

• Beautiful customised invitation inserts to tell your guests about your site.

• Your guests can contribute via quick, easy and secure payment methods on your wedding website.

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