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A Blue Themed Wedding


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visit us at http://www.yourweddingatlochlomond.co.uk

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If you are planning a black and white themed wedding, then hopefully our collage will give you some inspiration! If not, however, do not hestitate to contact us for our supplier recommendations and ideas!


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Tell us how Wanderlust Cards got started

Wanderlust Cards was born of sheer fate! 

After reaching burn-out stage as a Business Manager for a national airline, I resigned and went travelling around Europe with my husband for 6 months to search for a new direction in my life.

Upon returning I set up “Wanderlust Interiors”; the name being reminiscent of my travels!  Wanderlust Interiors was a small independent retail outlet on the south side of Glasgow, selling home interior accessories.   In a search to source unusual handcrafted greetings cards for the shop I decided that what was available via mainstream suppliers just wasn’t near the mark.  I had always been artistic so decided to make my own and put them on sale; to great success.  I then decided to give wedding stationery a try and put a sign up in the shop.  I was getting more enquires for my stationery than I was for my shop products.  My business was now going in two completely different directions, so I decided not to renew my lease and set up a home studio…the biggest risk of my career but that was 7 years ago and we’ve never looked back!

What makes you different from your competitors?

I feel our products are somewhat different from our competitors.  We spend a great deal of time sourcing materials which are not readily available in the UK.  There are so many companies who follow the current trend and we feel our brides deserve better than that!  We relish the challenge of bespoke designing for our brides to ensure they have something different from the norm for their special day; something that will remain a stunning creation for them to treasure in  years to come and not just a passing fad or trend.

 We have forged strong relationships with our overseas suppliers who undertake embellishment designs to our specifications.  What we offer our brides is stationery that is truly unique.  As most of our embellishments are bespoke designed for us, our brides are purchasing a product that will not be able to be copied or mass reproduced.

I feel we push boundaries in stationery design, combining our own in-house designed graphics with the lavish sparkle that has become the Wanderlust trademark!

What inspires you?

Life inspires me!  That is on a solely personal basis of course.  Life is precious and is for living; we’re not here long enough to enjoy all that is there to be enjoyed and experienced.  My personal inspiration that I live my life by is Carpe Diem….”Seize the Day”.

But what inspires my business head is the satisfaction and joy I see and hear from our customers when we have created a truly unique beginning to their wedding day.  It is the most important and happy day of their lives and being a small part of that inspires me immensely and is the basis for me to continue to strive to create the unique. This is what drives my business.


Can you provide a price guide for your products?

We have 3 price bands within our main ranges which range from £3.40 for printed designs to £5.25 for our Pocketfolds, which include RSVPs.  We also have a Couture range which are invitations enclosed in either Card Boxes or stunning Thai Silk Boxes.  These are priced £8.95 for Card Boxed and £14.95 for Thai Silk Boxed.   We can also bespoke design to any budget.

What have been your main achievements?

We were delighted and very proud to have a final nomination in the 2010 Vows Awards.  We were overwhelmed and over the moon!  We were in the top 5 voted-for wedding stationers in Scotland and although we didn’t win at the Awards Ceremony, I feel that our final nomination was a massive achievement in itself.

I also feel that a further achievement is that we have survived and our business continues to grow and strive in the economic downturn.  We must be doing something right!


If you were getting married this year, what trends would you adopt?

I am a lover of all things Vintage.  I was definitely born in the wrong era! If I were getting married this year, it would be Vintage all the way.

Shabby Chic ivory or cream with hints of smoky pink, perhaps light sage green, light taupe and dusky silver; with a hint of vintage sparkle of course! It’s so classical and timeless and very romantic; it never dates

What does the future hold for Wanderlust Cards?

We’re growing and growing year by year and are always musing over retail premises, but there’s so much to consider.  We pride ourselves on the very individual personal service we give at our studio and wouldn’t want to lose that; that’s what the ethic of our business is based upon, but who knows? Wanderlust Headquarters on the high street may very well be on the cards.

We are also currently researching branching into other mediums of wedding stationery; an exciting area we’ve never been in yet….watch this space!


How can our readers get in touch with you?

They can see al of our designs on our website; with in-depth pics and slideshows of our design range at www.wanderlustcards.co.uk.  They can also follow us on Twitter @wanderlustcards as well as our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Wanderlust-Cards/148929568487223

To contact us for an appointment, they can contact us on 0141 649 3369 or 07917 295 688.

They can also order samples from our website at http://www.wanderlustcards.co.uk/order-samples

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Hopefully this collage will provide you with some ideas if you are thinking of a PINK themed wedding. When visiting any of the websites, and placing an order, dont forget to mention you found their details here!


Free to use, Free to advertise – forever

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Lots of brides to be have a theme for their wedding – whether it be ‘Scotland’ with lots of tartan, thistles, a ceilidh etc, or like a recent one where the theme was ‘Christmas’ and the bridesmaids wore different colours, like christmas baubles.

One theme I want to discuss is a Literature Theme. A lovely bride to be, Emma, contacted me for help with planning a wedding around this theme. I was more than happy to recommend suppliers and offer some ideas as I adore literature, especially the classics. If you are like Emma and I, then how can you incorporate this love of literature into your big day? 

Perhaps we could start by looking at your Location. Depending on your favourite novel, you could have your wedding in a castle or a stately home. Here in Loch Lomond, we have Ross Priory, where Sir Walter Scott often stayed and indeed you could even stay in the room named after him.

Colour scheme. Colours for a liteature theme, especially if you are looking at Victorian times or earlier, should be rich and strong, draw inspiration from jewels – ruby red, emerald green, amber, topaz. Think of textures – tapestries, velvet, hessian and heavy silks. 

Table names. Think of all the famous literature couples you know and perhaps name your tables after them. You’ve got Romeo and Juliet (obviously), Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett, Heathcliff and Cathy and maybe Jekyll and Hyde (but thats not romantic is it…?)

For centrepieces, why not have a stack of books tied with some ribbon? I think this would be most effective if the books were old hardbacks. To save on costs, you could ask your local library if they could help out, you’d be surprised! 

Moving onto Favours, Karen from Beautifully Wrapped is able to put an appropriate image onto their personalised chocolate bars. They could even put a literary quote onto them. Louise from Wedding and Baby can provide bookmarks as favours. Another unique idea is to provide a book as a wedding favour. 

With regards to your stationery, Karen Gallacher from Duck Pond Crafts can provide invitations with vintage papers from books on the from. Karen can also provide a table plan with the names of books as table names (in addition to my suggestion above). She can use distressed ink and gorgeous lace. Collete Corrigan of Corrigan’s Cards provides bespoke stationery and is also able to design something amazing for you. 

Flowers – In Jane Austen’s era, brides would carry herbs, greenery, or flowers that were in season and that could be picked alongside the road or from one’s garden. They included roses, peonies, sweet peas, scabious, lilies, and delphinium. 

Lisa Scott of Dream Day Flowers told me that she could add any flowers that may be mentioned in the wording of a favourite book or that can match any theme. 

A literature themed wedding is a good excuse to have your bridal gown bespoke made. You can have attire that ties in with the period in which your favourite novel is set. 

For transportation, choose something that ties in with your theme. In most cases this will be a horse drawn carriage, but you could also have vintage cars, or maybe an Aston Martin for grooms who love the James Bond books?

For your wedding meal, choose food that would have been popular in the time your favourite novels were set. Perhaps drink and eat from vintage dinnerware? Have a look at the teacups etc from The Tea Ladies!

For music, ask your band to play some of the classic songs from that era. Perhaps for novels set in the Victorian era or earlier, you could have a harpist or string quartet such as our suppliers Pippa Reid Foster or The Pleyel Quartet?


Cake – For your cake, you could ask your cake designer to have quotes from your favourite novel inked around the cake. Or perhaps your top tier could be in the form of a book?

For gifts, I recently came across the fabulous work of More than Words Art. You could have some of your favourite literature quotes made into a fabulous canvas to hang in your home. 

Lets now look at readings. How about these below as examples from some of my favourite novels and poems (grooms may have their own suggestions!):

 “I cannot fix on the hour, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”                            Pride And Prejudice

“I love the ground under his feet, and the air over his head, and everything he touches and every word he says. I love all his looks, and all his actions and him entirely and all together.”                                                                   Wuthering Heights

“Do you love me because I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?” Cinderella

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it sight, For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night”  Romeo and Juliet  

I hope the above has helped provide you with some ideas. As always our suppliers are more than happy to discuss your needs and come up with something to suit your theme, whatever it may be.

Find our suppliers at www.yourweddingatlochlomond.co.uk

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 “The coolest wedding stationery I have ever seen in my life.”

Rock My Wedding

“Sweet wedding tea towels. Almost too good to use.”

Yay I Do

“Clever, inventive, witty, great idea!”



So, we decided to get married at the end of last year, and we wanted something special for our invitation…


Something different to create a buzz about the wedding, cheaper than standard paper options, good for the environment and something our guests could keep for ever, that’s how we came up with the idea for the Original Wedding Tea Towel.


When we’d finished the design and sent them out the response was so incredible that we knew we couldn’t keep the idea to ourselves and so the Original Wedding Tea Towel was born.


So, how is this good for the environment?

Think about it, instead of spending money on invites that people eventually throw away, spend less money on something they can actually use, and keep forever.

Your Guests will never forget your anniversary

With the Tea Towel hanging around kitchens for years to come guests have no excuse for forgetting your wedding anniversary.

Create a buzz

Expect the response to be epic, everyone is going to have an opinion on your invite and they can’t wait to get in touch to tell you, this makes your RSVP’s so much easier.

Further Information

Contact Karen today for more information:

Web: http://www.weddingteatowels.co.uk

Call Karen Brown on 07739 034 331

Email: karen@weddingteatowels.co.uk


As featured in:

Wedding Ideas Magazine, Brides Magazine, Rock My Wedding, Smitten, Yay I Do, Beyond/Beyond, One White Dress and The Bride Diary.

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