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Tell us how Wanderlust Cards got started

Wanderlust Cards was born of sheer fate! 

After reaching burn-out stage as a Business Manager for a national airline, I resigned and went travelling around Europe with my husband for 6 months to search for a new direction in my life.

Upon returning I set up “Wanderlust Interiors”; the name being reminiscent of my travels!  Wanderlust Interiors was a small independent retail outlet on the south side of Glasgow, selling home interior accessories.   In a search to source unusual handcrafted greetings cards for the shop I decided that what was available via mainstream suppliers just wasn’t near the mark.  I had always been artistic so decided to make my own and put them on sale; to great success.  I then decided to give wedding stationery a try and put a sign up in the shop.  I was getting more enquires for my stationery than I was for my shop products.  My business was now going in two completely different directions, so I decided not to renew my lease and set up a home studio…the biggest risk of my career but that was 7 years ago and we’ve never looked back!

What makes you different from your competitors?

I feel our products are somewhat different from our competitors.  We spend a great deal of time sourcing materials which are not readily available in the UK.  There are so many companies who follow the current trend and we feel our brides deserve better than that!  We relish the challenge of bespoke designing for our brides to ensure they have something different from the norm for their special day; something that will remain a stunning creation for them to treasure in  years to come and not just a passing fad or trend.

 We have forged strong relationships with our overseas suppliers who undertake embellishment designs to our specifications.  What we offer our brides is stationery that is truly unique.  As most of our embellishments are bespoke designed for us, our brides are purchasing a product that will not be able to be copied or mass reproduced.

I feel we push boundaries in stationery design, combining our own in-house designed graphics with the lavish sparkle that has become the Wanderlust trademark!

What inspires you?

Life inspires me!  That is on a solely personal basis of course.  Life is precious and is for living; we’re not here long enough to enjoy all that is there to be enjoyed and experienced.  My personal inspiration that I live my life by is Carpe Diem….”Seize the Day”.

But what inspires my business head is the satisfaction and joy I see and hear from our customers when we have created a truly unique beginning to their wedding day.  It is the most important and happy day of their lives and being a small part of that inspires me immensely and is the basis for me to continue to strive to create the unique. This is what drives my business.


Can you provide a price guide for your products?

We have 3 price bands within our main ranges which range from £3.40 for printed designs to £5.25 for our Pocketfolds, which include RSVPs.  We also have a Couture range which are invitations enclosed in either Card Boxes or stunning Thai Silk Boxes.  These are priced £8.95 for Card Boxed and £14.95 for Thai Silk Boxed.   We can also bespoke design to any budget.

What have been your main achievements?

We were delighted and very proud to have a final nomination in the 2010 Vows Awards.  We were overwhelmed and over the moon!  We were in the top 5 voted-for wedding stationers in Scotland and although we didn’t win at the Awards Ceremony, I feel that our final nomination was a massive achievement in itself.

I also feel that a further achievement is that we have survived and our business continues to grow and strive in the economic downturn.  We must be doing something right!


If you were getting married this year, what trends would you adopt?

I am a lover of all things Vintage.  I was definitely born in the wrong era! If I were getting married this year, it would be Vintage all the way.

Shabby Chic ivory or cream with hints of smoky pink, perhaps light sage green, light taupe and dusky silver; with a hint of vintage sparkle of course! It’s so classical and timeless and very romantic; it never dates

What does the future hold for Wanderlust Cards?

We’re growing and growing year by year and are always musing over retail premises, but there’s so much to consider.  We pride ourselves on the very individual personal service we give at our studio and wouldn’t want to lose that; that’s what the ethic of our business is based upon, but who knows? Wanderlust Headquarters on the high street may very well be on the cards.

We are also currently researching branching into other mediums of wedding stationery; an exciting area we’ve never been in yet….watch this space!


How can our readers get in touch with you?

They can see al of our designs on our website; with in-depth pics and slideshows of our design range at www.wanderlustcards.co.uk.  They can also follow us on Twitter @wanderlustcards as well as our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Wanderlust-Cards/148929568487223

To contact us for an appointment, they can contact us on 0141 649 3369 or 07917 295 688.

They can also order samples from our website at http://www.wanderlustcards.co.uk/order-samples

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 “The coolest wedding stationery I have ever seen in my life.”

Rock My Wedding

“Sweet wedding tea towels. Almost too good to use.”

Yay I Do

“Clever, inventive, witty, great idea!”



So, we decided to get married at the end of last year, and we wanted something special for our invitation…


Something different to create a buzz about the wedding, cheaper than standard paper options, good for the environment and something our guests could keep for ever, that’s how we came up with the idea for the Original Wedding Tea Towel.


When we’d finished the design and sent them out the response was so incredible that we knew we couldn’t keep the idea to ourselves and so the Original Wedding Tea Towel was born.


So, how is this good for the environment?

Think about it, instead of spending money on invites that people eventually throw away, spend less money on something they can actually use, and keep forever.

Your Guests will never forget your anniversary

With the Tea Towel hanging around kitchens for years to come guests have no excuse for forgetting your wedding anniversary.

Create a buzz

Expect the response to be epic, everyone is going to have an opinion on your invite and they can’t wait to get in touch to tell you, this makes your RSVP’s so much easier.

Further Information

Contact Karen today for more information:

Web: http://www.weddingteatowels.co.uk

Call Karen Brown on 07739 034 331

Email: karen@weddingteatowels.co.uk


As featured in:

Wedding Ideas Magazine, Brides Magazine, Rock My Wedding, Smitten, Yay I Do, Beyond/Beyond, One White Dress and The Bride Diary.

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How long have you been running Cards By Sophie?

I started Cards by Sophie in April 2009, but didn’t really get going full time until August 2009. I’ve just been through my first proper summer which was slightly crazy and very long working hours!

What inspired you to start your business?

Not many people know that I used to work in the construction industry, which now feels like a completely different life! I was under the threat of redundancy in early 2009 so decided to jump, and leave the hard hat and steel toe cap boots behind before I was pushed. I have always wanted to be more creative and resented the fact that my job wouldn’t allow me to be. I’ve made cards since I was very young, and thought back to my own wedding in 2007 where I found it so difficult to find something that was just as I wanted. I got married abroad and had a reception back at home a month later. I was amazed just how few companies would let you change the wording to suit that! I wanted to be able to personalise the stationery, change the colours and get the design just right for me, not to mention keep the pricing down. So I decided to create a collection that did just that.

What makes your business unique?

I am a small business, so you get me – I deal with everything and so always deal with my clients direct. This means I can create excellent client relationships and aim to reflect the couple’s requirements as closely as I possibly can. All of my stationery is made by hand, available in a range of sizes and colour themes, and I encourage my couples to create their own wording on the inside and outside of each card. I am very proud that all of the wedding stationery I make is unique to each client. I always think that anything is possible, so why not recreate that with my stationery?

At what point in the planning process do you typically work with couples?

I can start right up at the front with couples, so when they’ve chosen their date I make save the date cards, right through to the invitations, and then what I term ‘on the day’ items, so that’s table plans, menus, order of service, place cards and much more! I can also be involved after the wedding day with thank you cards! I often work with clients for a long time, it’s lovely to get to know people as they are doing the rest of their planning and it feels like you’re a part of the big day.

How do you create your designs?

I’ve always wanted to steer away from the traditional invitation with lots of frills, lace and stick on text. Make it more modern and simple, I always think simplicity rules! I come up with designs that allow you to change certain details, such as the colour of the ribbons, Swarovski crystals or handmade paper to make sure it fits in with my client’s themes. I also now have some printed designs which have been created for me, I’m so excited about them and are just about to be launched on my website!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love that it’s a world away from what I was doing just over a year ago. I love working at home and setting my own tasks for the day! I don’t think I could go back to a desk job anymore, I really enjoy being in charge and running the business generally. But I would also say that when I get comments from client about how pleased they are with my work it makes everything worthwhile, it is such a lovely feeling when someone has taken the time to write (or even send a thank you card back!). I often still can’t believe this is real and that I’ve got this far, have to pinch myself regularly!

Have you ever had any unusual requests?

I’ve had a few interesting colour schemes to work with, not that I can mention anything here though…! Nothing else has been too out of the ordinary. There have been a few instances where a client has said they like a particular design or something they’ve found from the internet and then ended up with something completely different in the end – it’s a challenge but I really like doing things like that!

Can you tell us a memorable job you have undertaken?

I think it’s the first time I made a table plan for a client, I had an idea of how it would look and what I’d do but really wasn’t sure at all. But then when I mocked it up I stepped away and thought ‘that’s actually really good’ and was impressed with myself!!! That’s very unusual for me and my top standards!

Do you have any additional advice for our brides to be?

In terms of stationery, it’s the first key step to setting the tone and choosing may help you decide on your flowers and other accessories. Think about the sort of clothes you love, your ideal décor, and the place where you are getting married. This will help you decide whether you’re going for something traditional or modern. What colours do you love? It could be your favourite colour, or something that reminds you of where you met your partner. Remember the stationery is the first thing your guests will see! Pick something you love and can be proud to send to friends and family, don’t settle for second best. 
As I final comment I would add that my one other general piece of advice is to keep in your mind that your wedding is for you and not for anyone else – the best bit of advice my Mum ever gave me!

Unique & Modern Handmade Wedding Stationery stylishly created for you. First sample free to UK addresses. We can customise our designs to your colours too! http://www.cardsbysophie.com

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