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A Blue Themed Wedding


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If you are planning a wedding in Scotland and/or are hoping to have a Scottish theme throughout your wedding, perhaps our latest collage will help inspire you!


Dream Day Flowers
Totally Tartan Kiltmakers
Caledonian Piper
Beautifully Wrapped
CIA Photography
Duck Bay Hotel & Marina
The Shepherd’s House B&B
Carrs Loch Lomond
Dub Stitch
Your Wedding Consultant

Loch Lomond’s FREE wedding directory

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visit us at http://www.yourweddingatlochlomond.co.uk

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If you are planning a black and white themed wedding, then hopefully our collage will give you some inspiration! If not, however, do not hestitate to contact us for our supplier recommendations and ideas!


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Hopefully this collage will provide you with some ideas if you are thinking of a PINK themed wedding. When visiting any of the websites, and placing an order, dont forget to mention you found their details here!


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Using flowers for a theme is a popular choice for wedding. A floral theme can stimulate both visually and sensually. Flowers transform a wedding. They provide colour and fragrance as bouquets for you and your bridesmaids, and in the wedding party corsages. At the wedding venues – at the church and at the reception – they brighten every table, they light up a room, and they provide a fantastic talking point for your guests.


Flowers have been used in weddings for centuries. The custom of bouquets has its origin in ancient times. Women carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the bride and groom wore a garland around their necks, symbolizing new life, hope and fertility. Traditional Celtic bouquets included ivy, thistle and heather. The garland was not made of flowers but of strong-smelling herbs and spices. The strong-smells were thought to have mystical powers and meant to keep away evil spirits.


When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, the herbs and spices had been replaced by fresh flowers, especially marigolds. Edible flowers were still included in the bouquet. The bride would carry her arrangement as she walked down the aisle. The dill from the bride’s bouquet (also known as the herb of lust), was consumed by the bride, the groom, and their wedding guests during the reception, as the herb was meant to increase sexual desire.

You could choose to have a ‘generic’ floral theme, with all types of flowers, or centre your theme on just one flower. For example, if you chose to have a ‘rose’ theme, you could ha have red roses in your boquet, have your bridesmaids wearing red, groom with a red rose button hole and so on…


Depending on the season, some flowers may be more appropriate than others. It is also possible to mix two or more flowers together for a wedding theme; for example, rose and orchid.

Some flowers are more fragrant than others; again you could have roses as well as hyacinth and lily-of-the-valley. Going back to the rose, it is alleged to have aphrodisiac properties too, hence why they are popular at Valentines Day in particular as well as making them a perfect choice for a wedding! Asian brides believe the colour red and red roses bring luck.


A growing trend in 2011 will be the use of imaginative vases or containers for your flowers. Stand out from the crowd by using unusual containers like teapots, hatboxes, or old milk jugs. Alternatively, add a contemporary twist by opting for cottage garden flowers but in bright and unusual colour combinations like bright pinks, yellows and blues.

This season sees delicate floral appliqués blossoming all over many wedding dress designs.  Accessorized with a sprinkling of romance, oversized blooms and oh so pretty petals, flowers will be a big feature in this year’s wedding gowns.


For bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets, an important point to consider is the colour of the dresses. You can choose to co-ordinate or contrast the colour of your flowers with the dresses.

Choose your flowers after choosing your dresses and deciding on your wedding colour theme. That way you can give a fabric swatch to your florist so he/she can colour match the flowers.


The groom often chooses a flower for his buttonhole which also occurs in the bride’s bouquet. This is a vestige of the time when a Knight would wear his Lady’s colours to display his love.

Brides can choose to use flowers to decorate the wedding cake. Fresh flowers can be co-ordinated with the bridal bouquet. Edible flowers can be used, and crystallized, to decorate a wedding cake but it is worth checking if any wedding guests, who may eat the cake, have particular flower allergies as some people may be allergic to some species of flowers.


There are several ways in which a wedding cake can be decorated with flowers:

  • place a corsage flower arrangement on top of the wedding cake and/or each cake tier
  • place flowers between the tiers of the wedding cake
  • sprinkle flower petals over the cake
  • make the cake tiers from flowers
  • create a cascade of flowers to flow from the top cake tier to the bottom cake tiers
  • Decorate the cake table with flower petals or flower arrangements.

Flowers may be used both in wedding invitations and thank-you cards. The invitations or cards may simply be printed with a picture of the chosen wedding flower; the more creative bride may also wish to include flower petals. Reception placeholders with guest names may be printed with the same flower theme.

Speaking of flower petals, you could use them as confetti for your guests to throw, or to scatter over your tables as decoration. Perhaps you could put flower petals in a bowl with floating candles for centrepieces? In movies, you see flowergirls scattering petals whilst walking up the aisle, but check with your ceremony venue before you try this too!

Flower wedding favors include giving the guests the gift of soap and candles, either scented with the chosen flower fragrance or incorporated into the product. Another idea, that is growing in popularity, is to use seed kits as wedding favors.

Why not wear a floral perfume, floral jewellery etc? The options with flowers are endless! Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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Simplicity is key to Success

Two years ago, Sarah Pittenburgh turned redundancy into opportunity when she set up her own business. Simply Bows and Chair Covers is now thriving.

After nearly two years in business, the chair cover and table linen specialist has grown to incorporate six franchises, covering the whole of the North East, plus Yorkshire and Cumbria. Further franchises are on the way, with a total of 30 forecast to be up and running by the end of 2012.

Sarah puts the company’s impressive development down to its integral high standards of both product and service. She explains:

I used to be a brand manager for Land Rover and Jaguar and then worked in event management. When we hired linen, it didn’t seem to matter where we went, the quality was poor and the service was very underwhelming.

There was a definite gap in the market, so when I lost my job in 2008, I thought I would grasp the opportunity and set up my own business.

We’ve become the preferred supplier to many of the key wedding venues in the North East and I would hope it is because we provide the whole package: it’s a quality product, at an affordable price, supported by an exceptional standard of customer service.

The business took off thanks to Sarah’s determination and strong work ethic, as she recalls

I took the product to market myself – I sat down with wedding co-ordinators and general managers, and asked for feedback about the product. They loved it and we took notice of their comments and requirements.

I set the company up in January 2009, and by September I couldn’t cope with the amount of enquiries we were getting.

The resulting decision to franchise the company was clearly a smart move, but it wasn’t an easy option.

To hand over the brand to franchisees is quite a daunting task, so I spend quite a good deal of time selecting suitable individuals who demonstrate creative flair, exude enthusiasm to develop the brand and are completely customer focused. I’ve turned people down as I didn’t feel their motivation for joining the brand was right.

Simply Bows and Chair Covers has certainly grown, but the simplicity of its offering remains at the core of the business, as Sarah points out

We stick to what we do best – high quality chair covers with matching table linen – but we work with recommended partners who take care of any other requirements our clients might have, such as florists and stationers, allowing us to offer clients the full package, prepared by specialists in each field.

When it comes to keeping their own products fresh, the Simply Bows team has a creative approach.

We are constantly coming up with new ideas. We might take inspiration from the catwalk and manipulate that to accessorise a chair, as well as seasonal trends in colours and accessories.

We create bespoke events that make the most of the client’s budget – we don’t do anything off-the-shelf.

The company has also expanded its services for the corporate market in recent months.

Napkins and chairs can now be branded with a logo and we’ve also got an extensive range of coloured linen, so a client can tie their corporate colours into the look for an awards ceremony or a product launch.

For those who like the idea of pursuing their own entrepreneurial venture, Sarah has some advice:

I think the key thing is to fully research and understand the market you are about to enter. Because I had ten  years’ experience in events, I had a lot of contacts and experience in that field, which helped me to get the business off the ground quickly.

If you’re passionate and you believe in your product, you’ve got to give it a go because if you don’t, it will always be a ‘what if’.

For more information, log into www.simplybowsandchaircovers.co.uk

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