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So, one year on, is there any difference in your views on what the most effective advertising is for your wedding business? Lets see what this year’s results are!

Wedding Magazines 1.15%

Newspaper Advertisements 0%

wedding directories 8.05%

Word of Mouth 19.54%

Features on Blogs 8.05%

Your Website 21.84%

Discussion Forums/Chat Rooms 5.75%

Flyers/Business Cards 2.3%

Wedding Fairs 13.79%

Recommended Supplier lists 4.6%

Facebook 11.49%

Twitter 2.3%

Bebo 0%

pay per click 1.15%

google adverts 0%

Other: 0%

As you will see, the most popular advertising option is ‘website’. In second place is ‘word of mouth’ with ‘wedding fairs’ in third.

It seems the least expensive, or zero cost, options are the most successful for you.

Facebook, blogs and directories have seen a wee increase on last year whilst we suspect some wedding businesses have yet to try Twitter (you should, its very effective!)

Any surprises? Any comments, please post them below!


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Scotland has long been a very popular holiday destination for tourists from around the world. And now it has a growing reputation as a favourite destination to tie the knot.

Here are some of the reasons:-

1 There are no residency requirements. So wherever you and your fiance come from, you can get married in Scotland. You don’t have to live here. You don’t need UK citizenship. All you have to do is complete the necessary legal formalities and you can marry within 24 hours of arriving here.

2 You can get married anywhere!! On a beach, in a castle such as Stirling Castle, up a mountain, in a hotel such as Duck Bay Hotel, by a loch such as our very own Loch Lomond… your choices are limitless.

3 You can have either a civil or a religious ceremony. The civil ceremony does have to be licensed by the local authority. But there are now so many venues licensed for civil ceremonies that you should have little difficulty finding somewhere.

4 A religious ceremony, conducted by a minister can be held anywhere – boats, beaches, hotels etc. Willing and adventurous ministers can always be found, like our very own Reverend Miller!

5 Ceremonies can even be conducted by non-religious celebrants, including certain officers of the Humanist Society.

6 The choice of venues is staggering. From modern Glasgow to historic Edinburgh; from the rugged, breathtaking beauty of the Highlands to the tranquil Loch Lomond; from istunning castle to the small village church, Scotland has it all.

7 You can fly into Glasgow, Prestwick, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Inverness airports and be close to your wedding venue from the start.

8 So many people around the world have Scottish ancestry and love to search out their roots.

9 What better clothes to wear at your ceremony than the kilt, made especially for you in your own tartan. Why not contact Totally Tartan Kiltmakers to help?

10 And what better accompaniment as the bride enters the wedding venue than a Highland wedding tune played on bagpipes!

These are just some reasons to get married in Scotland, and if looking for a particular location, why not consider having your wedding at Loch Lomond?

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In a perfect world, all bride and grooms would have a blissful, stress-free wedding with a remote to control the weather, among other things. But even with all of the planning leading up to that special day, the reality is that some things are just out of our control. Not to worry—with the right attitude and some preparation, your day will be bright and shiny no matter what the forecast. Consider these wedding decorations ideas and tips for the winter wedding of your dreams. 

Rain or Shine

Whether you chose the wintertime because you’ve always envisioned a snowy white wedding or you’re hoping to save money in the “off season,” don’t let the weather stop you from creating a winter wonderland. The weather is something that every bride thinks about no matter when or where the wedding will take place. Summer and autumn brides worry about the day being too warm, while winter and spring brides are easily put off by just the thought of rain or snow. The fact of the matter is that Mother Nature is stubborn and unpredictable, so you really should plan for all forecasts and have a backup plan for any outdoor affair. Especially for guests who are travelling, consider advising guests to dress warm and prepare for any bad weather. 

The Venue

Picking an indoor venue can eliminate a lot of unnecessary worry about the weather, but keep in mind that winter weather can impact travel time significantly. Keeping to a schedule is important for a smoothly flowing wedding, but remember to have an attitude of flexibility and just go with the flow no matter what the conditions. This is your day to shine, so enjoy being surrounded by loved ones and remember to laugh if anything goes awry. 

If you haven’t decided on a venue yet, consider those with an indoor option in case the weather decides not to cooperate. But if you’re like many brides, you may have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony or reception area, which could be risky if your wedding date is during the winter season. You don’t have to assume the worst, but prepare a backup plan in case the park with the pretty view turns into a muddy field. Having umbrellas that complement your wedding decorations are an increasingly popular choice that add fun and excitement to your day (not to mention that they look amazing in photographs). 

The Wedding Decorations

When choosing the right wedding decorations to complement your winter celebrations, keep in mind all of your favorite memories that make you adore the season so much. The snow falling, the crackling fireplace, ice skating and sledding, hot chocolate, snowball fights —these are all things that make winter so delightful, so incorporating them into your wedding accessories and theme will warm the hearts of all. 

Snowflakes are one of my all-time favorite winter wedding decorations because of how it draws on the uniqueness of your love just like a one-of-a-kind snowflake. You can be well-assured that snowflakes will be loved by all, so play up this theme with snowflake tea light holders scattered throughout your venue. You can even send your guests home with snowflake themed wedding favours or mini snow globes. You can use Christmas Tree Baubles as centrepieces or even just mini Christmas trees.

Staying Positive

No matter what weather your big day brings, keep in mind that if it’s just the ceremony that gets a little rain or snow, you will likely end up with the most gorgeous and memorable wedding for you and your guests. Not only will the lighting be perfect for your photographer, but you’re sure to end up with some of the most unique and beautiful wedding photographs that you will cherish forever. There’s just something about being caught in the rain or snow that takes reminds us of being kids again, so keep a smile on your face and enjoy the wonders and beauty of nature on your winter wedding day.

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Hen Parties now launched!

Lomond Beauty was established in 2010 to cater for women within the West Dunbartonshire area allowing them to experience their own beauty journey without the need to leave their home.

It is with great excitement that we now launch our bespoke Hen party Packages. Arranging a hen party has never been easier; you choose the venue, invite the guests and chose the treatments then let Lomond Beauty do the rest! Treatments range from 15 minute taster sessions to 45 minutes indulgences.

Together with the Hen pamper parties; we are now available to offer brides to be a range of pre wedding pampering which includes all the beauty treatments you need to help you look your best on your special day.
Details of both of these new packages can be found here:

Lomond Beauty additionally offers treatments for women including a choice of facials to suit all budgets, wonderfully relaxing or uplifting massages, and waxing using a wonderful unique new system – P.S wax, incorporating lavender wax which is especially suited to sensitive skins due to their calming properties. All this together with manicures, pedicures, reflexology, Indian Head Massage and eye treatments – tinting and shaping, enables clients to be pampered from head to toe!

We are delighted to be listed on various Wedding directories including the fabulous “Your Wedding at Loch Lomond”

Details of all our treatments can be found on our website:
on face book:
and we can be followed on twitter:

About Me

After spending 16 years in various Retail management posts, where the most important consideration to the Companies was how much profit was generated, I decided that I wanted to do something which would help others and create job satisfaction for myself. From here I left the cut throat world of retail and embarked on an HND in Beauty Therapy and Lomond Beauty was ultimately born. This has enabled me to secure the ideal work/life business whilst being there for my two young children.

Having experienced the pleasure of receiving beauty treatments in various salons, the thought of having to make my way home after being in a wonderfully relaxed and tranquil state, disturbed the equilibrium of my mind and body. It is for this reason I initiated Lomond Beauty where clients can experience all the benefits of visiting a salon without leaving their own home resulting in an increased feeling of well being and serenity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries:
Tel: 07875 367822 or
Email: Lesley@lomondbeauty.co.uk

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If you are planning a wedding in Scotland and/or are hoping to have a Scottish theme throughout your wedding, perhaps our latest collage will help inspire you!


Dream Day Flowers
Totally Tartan Kiltmakers
Caledonian Piper
Beautifully Wrapped
CIA Photography
Duck Bay Hotel & Marina
The Shepherd’s House B&B
Carrs Loch Lomond
Dub Stitch
Your Wedding Consultant

Loch Lomond’s FREE wedding directory

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You want the first dance to be romantic – nothing less than perfect. If you don’t have a couple song you want to use, here are some of the most romantic first dance songs for you to choose from.

You may be looking for the most romantic first dance songs for a number of reasons. Maybe you don’t have a song. Maybe your song isn’t quite right for your wedding. Or maybe you want to pick a new song to represent your new life together.

Music and lyrics can represent so much, and what better way to share your love’s message than with the perfect first dance song? Whatever your reason for searching for song ideas, here are some classic first couple dance songs to spawn some inspiration.

Elvis Presley – I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

This Elvis Presley song has been on the most romantic first dance songs since it first came out. It is a timeless classic that is perfect for almost any wedding. It can especially complement a vintage wedding. Whether you are an Elvis fan or just like the classics, this may be the perfect song for your first dance.

Frank Sinatra – It Had to Be You

Talk about a classic. This is one of the all-time most romantic first couple dance songs in existence. From formal to traditional to fairy tale, it is also one of the most versatile, romantic first dance songs in history. You can never go wrong with a song from the one and only Mr. Sinatra.

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

Want a newer, more recent song for a modern wedding? Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” also happens to be one of the most romantic first couple dance songs. With the wonderful vocals and lyric references to abandoning the craziness of life, it’s no wonder why.

Dave Matthews Band – Steady as We Go

Have a love that you know is meant to last forever? One that will last through even the toughest of times? Then DMB’s “Steady as We Go” is definitely one you should consider when evaluating the most romantic first couple dance songs.

Until next time, happy planning!

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Can you describe your role as a wedding planner?

Being a Wedding Planner can be desc ribed in two words “organized mayhem”, it’s a role that is never dull, never repetitive, no two couples are alike, and never 9-5. I source suppliers, venues, anything to do with a Wedding, organize appointments to see said suppliers, manage budgets, guest and gift lists for engaged couples assisting them with whatever they want to make their Wedding Day the way they want. I do as little or as much as they want for a stress free Wedding from Engagement to Honeymoon and Beyond, whatever their budget.

What makes you different from your competitors?

I don’t really know, if I differ that much from them.

How do you ‘sell’ your services to brides to be?

There is a misconception that wedding planners are only for celebrities, are very expensive, controlling and will blow your budget and spend,spend,spend, whereas it’s the exact opposite, planners are for whoever wants one, you hire a florist for your flowers, a photographer for your pictures etc, why not a planner to plan? With their contacts within the Wedding industry wedding planners, like myself, can in most cases save the couple money, time and stress.

What is your favourite part of the job?

Oh my, I love all aspects of my job as a wedding planner, the buzz when meeting new couples, getting caught up in their excitement as we are discussing what ideas they have for their Wedding, seeing those ideas coming to life, the look on their faces when it all comes together, even the set-backs and inevitable problems that all weddings have can give me a thrill, trying to sort them out and the relief on your Brides face when you do. Getting to know you couples, becoming friends with them sharing all their emotions and finally their faces beaming on their Wedding Day is the icing on a very enjoyable journey, oh that sounds soooooooooooooooo cheesy, but it’s how it is for me.

What is your least favourite part of the job?

After what I’ve answered for the last question, I don’t have one except maybe saying cheerio to a couple after their Wedding Day.

Can you tell us of a memorable wedding you have worked on?

All weddings are memorable for one reason or another, in their own way, all have their own special moments. It’s hard to pick one over the other, so I’m not.

How do you advertise your business and what works best for you?

There are dedicated magazines, apps and directories, like yourselves which wedding planners can advertise to say nothing of the internet and of course there are the shows and at one point or another I have advertised in one or all. The fairs are better as you get to talk and interact with couples and they get to see you and interact with you.

How do you ensure clients stay within their budgets?

The majority of couples are actually pretty good at keeping within their budget, must be a Scottish thing. It’s gone over at the beginning at their consultation stage and we discuss their expectations and what are their priorities i.e. what they want to spend the most money on and give them a fair idea of what they can expect to pay for things it’s done discreetly, I don’t lay down the law, it’s there day I just advise and suggest but in the end it’s their decision.

Do you plan weddings abroad? Do you plan weddings here for those currently living abroad? How do these differ from the ‘norm’?

At this moment in time I don’t but might now after this question.

How do you monitor your success?

To be honest I enjoy the role as a Wedding Planner that much that I don’t monitor as such, I suppose I’m only as successful as my last Wedding!!!

What have been your main achievements?

I don’t see myself as having any, in the present climate I suppose having a job is an achievement in itself, and the fact that I do something that I enjoy is a bonus, it has been hard work but well worth it in the end.

What one piece of advice would you give to brides/grooms to be reading this interview?

The one piece of advice I’d give Brides and Grooms to be reading this interview is to enjoy every minute, it’s such a roller coaster time leading up to your Wedding Day, and the actual day will go by so fast, if your budget can stretch to it hire a videographer as I can guarantee there will be things you’ll see when watching it back that you will not have seen or remember.

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