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In a perfect world, all bride and grooms would have a blissful, stress-free wedding with a remote to control the weather, among other things. But even with all of the planning leading up to that special day, the reality is that some things are just out of our control. Not to worry—with the right attitude and some preparation, your day will be bright and shiny no matter what the forecast. Consider these wedding decorations ideas and tips for the winter wedding of your dreams. 

Rain or Shine

Whether you chose the wintertime because you’ve always envisioned a snowy white wedding or you’re hoping to save money in the “off season,” don’t let the weather stop you from creating a winter wonderland. The weather is something that every bride thinks about no matter when or where the wedding will take place. Summer and autumn brides worry about the day being too warm, while winter and spring brides are easily put off by just the thought of rain or snow. The fact of the matter is that Mother Nature is stubborn and unpredictable, so you really should plan for all forecasts and have a backup plan for any outdoor affair. Especially for guests who are travelling, consider advising guests to dress warm and prepare for any bad weather. 

The Venue

Picking an indoor venue can eliminate a lot of unnecessary worry about the weather, but keep in mind that winter weather can impact travel time significantly. Keeping to a schedule is important for a smoothly flowing wedding, but remember to have an attitude of flexibility and just go with the flow no matter what the conditions. This is your day to shine, so enjoy being surrounded by loved ones and remember to laugh if anything goes awry. 

If you haven’t decided on a venue yet, consider those with an indoor option in case the weather decides not to cooperate. But if you’re like many brides, you may have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony or reception area, which could be risky if your wedding date is during the winter season. You don’t have to assume the worst, but prepare a backup plan in case the park with the pretty view turns into a muddy field. Having umbrellas that complement your wedding decorations are an increasingly popular choice that add fun and excitement to your day (not to mention that they look amazing in photographs). 

The Wedding Decorations

When choosing the right wedding decorations to complement your winter celebrations, keep in mind all of your favorite memories that make you adore the season so much. The snow falling, the crackling fireplace, ice skating and sledding, hot chocolate, snowball fights —these are all things that make winter so delightful, so incorporating them into your wedding accessories and theme will warm the hearts of all. 

Snowflakes are one of my all-time favorite winter wedding decorations because of how it draws on the uniqueness of your love just like a one-of-a-kind snowflake. You can be well-assured that snowflakes will be loved by all, so play up this theme with snowflake tea light holders scattered throughout your venue. You can even send your guests home with snowflake themed wedding favours or mini snow globes. You can use Christmas Tree Baubles as centrepieces or even just mini Christmas trees.

Staying Positive

No matter what weather your big day brings, keep in mind that if it’s just the ceremony that gets a little rain or snow, you will likely end up with the most gorgeous and memorable wedding for you and your guests. Not only will the lighting be perfect for your photographer, but you’re sure to end up with some of the most unique and beautiful wedding photographs that you will cherish forever. There’s just something about being caught in the rain or snow that takes reminds us of being kids again, so keep a smile on your face and enjoy the wonders and beauty of nature on your winter wedding day.


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Seeing as we have 24 days until Christmas, this week’s Wedding Wednesday blog entry is all about a Christmas themed wedding!

Christmas themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons, as winter evokes feelings of warmth and family. For some couples, Christmas is the one time of year all of their family members are able to come together, so why not include a wedding in that meet up?

Many brides to be are nervous about having a Christmas themed wedding as they are worried it might look ‘tacky’. Here are some ideas to help have a Christmassy wedding while still having it look polished, organized and beautiful.

Chair Covers and Sashes

Plain white chair covers are perfectly acceptable for a Christmas themed wedding, and can easily be accented with a red, green or blue sash. I wouldn’t advise using different colours on each chair. Stick with the one colour to keep it looking classy.


Instead of using roses or lilies for your bouquets and centrepieces, consider using white or red poinsettias instead, as this flower is commonly associated with Christmas time.


Although you want to keep the Christmas decor formal and wedding appropriate, a Christmas tree is an essential decoration for a Christmas themed wedding. Perhaps you could have miniature Christmas trees as centrepieces, or ask your venue if they have a Christmas tree which could be placed inside or just outside your hall. Again, stick to one colour/theme for tree decorations to keep it looking classy.

White twinkle lights will reflect the season and add a romantic glow to your reception venue. Do not use multicoloured lights, as these will look tacky and too over the top for a wedding.

Why not wrap up some boxes to look like Christmas presents and have them as table centrepieces?

Bride and Bridesmaids

You could accessorise your gown with a faux fur shawl to help keep you warm.  Your bridesmaids could wear dark green or red to tie in with the Christmas theme.



It may be hard to get a reindeer drawn sleigh to transport you to your church or reception, but you could have a horse drawn carriage, and ask the driver to dress as Santa!



As stated earlier, ask your venue if they will have their Christmas decorations up by the time of your wedding. I would also consider a cosy snug venue, especially one with a warm fire!


Ask your band or DJ to play some Christmas songs (Cliff Richard for the grannies??) or hire some Christmas carollers! You could also have christmas carols instead of hymns as part of your ceremony.

Wedding Cake

Have a wedding cake with a Christmas themed cake topper – perhaps some holly or ivy, or a star?

Wedding Favours

Why not have some Christmas tree baubles as a unique wedding favour? You could have some Christmas candles as favours or some Christmas crackers!

Wedding meal

You shouldn’t have a Christmas themed wedding without serving Turkey (with a vegetarian version of course!) An alternative is Roast Beef, with Roast Potatoes, fresh bread and thick, flavourful sauces and you have a fabulous dinner to warm the cockles of the heart.

Whatever theme you opt for, our wide variety of suppliers are more than happy to chat with you and discuss your ideas. Find them at


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